Elizabeth Kuenzel

I completed my master’s degree in school and applied child psychology at Western University in 2021, and I am currently completing my doctoral degree in the same program. As part of my graduate studies, I conduct research on the factors that impact cognitive outcomes and promote resilience in autistic children and youth. Clinically, I have had the opportunity to work with children and adults with a wide range of needs across various settings. I have provided home-based psychological support for both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Additionally, I have experience providing psychoeducational assessments to a diverse group of children and youth in school and clinical settings.

At McKenzie Psychology, I provide evidence-based psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. When working with patients, I use a person-centred approach which highlights the current strengths and unique abilities of the individual. I do my best to ensure that patients feel at ease when completing all elements of the assessment, so that I can gain an accurate understanding of their strengths and needs. I place a strong emphasis on building relationships and collaborating with patients and families so they can access the best possible supports.

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