Matthew Vandermeer

I received my Master of Arts in counselling psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 2014 and am currently completing my doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Western. I am a member of the Society for Research in Psychopathology and the Canadian Psychological Association.

I have been fortunate to provide psychological services in a wide variety of settings, including student counselling centres, community mental health centres, forensic hospitals, general hospitals, and tertiary mental health care. This work has afforded me the opportunity to conduct assessments and interventions with children, adolescents, and adults living with mood and anxiety disorders, psychosis, trauma, chronic pain, obsessive-compulsive disorders, learning disabilities, and general life challenges.

In my role as psychometrist at McKenzie Psychology, I am responsible for the testing component of our psychoeducational assessments. I am a firm believer in the transformative effect that a well conducted, scientifically-informed, structured clinical assessment can have. It is a genuine honour to work with individuals through their psychoeducational assessments and witness as they are able to learn more about themselves and the strengths and challenges that make them who they are.

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