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Psychoeducational Assessment Services

We provide formal Psychoeducational Assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. These assessments involve the examination of cognitive and academic functioning, as well as various information processing skills essential to learning (e.g., memory, processing speed). Our standard Psychoeducational Assessments can help identify learning disabilities, and also include basic screening for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), mental health concerns, and adaptive skills deficits. Our assessments can be extended to comprehensively examine these and other areas of functioning (e.g., personality). The results of Psychoeducational Assessments can guide practical recommendations for supporting learning at home and school, or functioning in the workplace. All assessments include the production of a written report that can be used in the school system to assist in the development of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). For adults, the report can be used to facilitate workplace accommodations.

Payment and Fees 

The standard Psychoeducational Assessment package includes an initial interview, review of records, over six hours of cognitive and academic testing, scoring and interpretation of assessment results, completion of a report, and a feedback session. The cost of this package is $2400.00.

Any further clinical service, such as a comprehensive assessment (beyond our basic screening) of ADHD, mental health concerns, adaptive skills, or personality is billed at the rate of $200.00 per hour. Additional clinical work conducted for a legal purpose is billed at the rate of $225.00 per hour.

Payment may be made by cash, certified cheque, Interac Debit, or Interac e-Transfer.

Psychological services are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Our services are covered in part or full by most extended health care plans (i.e., workplace and student benefits) and by several government programs, including Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Veterans Affairs Canada, Children’s Aid Society, and Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nations and Inuit. For income tax purposes, psychological services may be claimed as a medical expense.

Please contact us to schedule an assessment, or to request more information about this service.

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